Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart

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Click the top of each column to sort by brand, length, diameter, firmness, or capacity. For more information about on our firmness score, please visit the Menstrual Cup Firmness Guide.

Brand Image Size Length Diameter Capacity (To Holes) Capacity (Listed) Stem Total Length Firmness Coupon
Aisle S 2.09” 1.65” N/A 25 ml .51” Round Hollow 2.60″ TBD
Aisle L 2.09” 1.77” N/A 30 ml .51” Round Hollow 2.60″ TBD
Best Periodt S 2.17” 1.69” N/A 29 ml 0.47” Solid 2.64” 3
Best Periodt L 2.24″ 1.81” N/A 40 ml 0.47” Solid 2.72” 3
Bloody Buddy T 2.07” 1.48” 18 ml 18 ml 0.48” Solid 2.55″ TBD
Bloody Buddy S 2.11” 1.60” 23 ml 23 ml 0.64” Solid 2.75″ TBD
Bloody Buddy L 2.29” 1.73” 25 ml 25 ml 0.86” Solid 3.15″ TBD
Blossom S 2.05″ 1.65″ 22 ml 20 ml .39″ Solid Round 2.44″ 3
Blossom L 2.17″ 1.77″ 27 ml 25 ml .39″ Solid Round 2.56″ 3
bfree bFree0-1 S (0) 1.73” 1.50” 13 ml 10 ml .28” Nub 2.01″ 3
bfree bFree1-1 M (1) 1.89” 1.65” 18 ml 15 ml .35” Nub 2.24″ 3
bfree bFree2-1 L (2) 2.09” 1.89” 30 ml 25 ml .87” Nub 2.96″ 5
Cora S 1.80″ 1.65″ 17 ml 21 ml .75″ Solid Round 2.55″ 3
Cora L 2.00″ 1.80″ 22 ml 28 ml .60″ Solid Round 2.60″ 3
Diva Cup XS (0) 2.25″ 1.57″ N/A 17 ml .38″ Hollow Round 2.63″ 3
Diva Cup S (1) 2.25″ 1.69″ 24 ml 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round 2.63″ 3
Diva Cup L (2) 2.25″ 1.81″ 28 ml 30 ml .38″ Hollow Round 2.63″ 3
Dot OS 1.97″ 1.77″ 28 ml 28 ml .67″ Solid Notched Tab 2.64″ 2
EvaCup S 1.97″ 1.65″ 25 ml 25 ml .47″ Solid Round 2.44″ 3
EvaCup L 2.24″ 1.77″ 30 ml 30 ml .47″ Solid Round 2.71″ 3
Femmecup OS 1.97″ 1.77″ N/A 30 ml .59″ Solid Round 2.56″ TBD
FemmyCycle S 1.50″ 1.22″ 20 ml 17.5 ml .75″ Ring 2.25″ 2
FemmyCycle L 1.69″ 1.42″ 25 ml 30 ml .79″ Ring 2.48″ 2
FemmyCycle Low 1.69″ 1.42″ 25 ml 30 ml .28″ Ring 1.97″ 2
Flex S 1.85” 1.69” N/A 22 ml 1.10” Pull Ring 2.95″ TBD
Flex L 2.09” 1.81″ 30 ml 30 ml 1.10” Pull Ring 3.19″ TBD
Formoonsa T 1.22″ 1.42″ 10 ml 10 ml .94″ Loop 2.16″ 4
Formoonsa S 1.46″ 1.73″ 20 ml 20 ml .59″ Loop 2.05″ 3
Formoonsa L 1.73″ 1.89″ 30 ml 30 ml .39″ Loop 2.12″ 4
Formoonsa XL 1.73″ 1.89″ 30 ml 42 ml .39″ Loop 2.12″ Soft 3/Classic 4
Fun Cup S 2.10″ 1.56″ 20 ml 20 ml None 2.10″ 1
Fun Cup L 2.29″ 1.70″ 30 ml 30 ml None 2.29″ 1
Fleurcup S 1.85″ 1.61″ N/A 20 ml .91″ Solid Flat 2.76″ 3
Fleurcup L 2.05″ 1.81″ N/A 28 ml .71″ Solid Flat 2.76″ 3
Flove S 1.85” 1.61” N/A 20 ml .75” Solid 2.6″ TBD
Flove L 2.13” 1.77” N/A 30 ml .93” Solid 3.06″ TBD
Genial Day M 2.32” 1.57″ 25 ml 30 ml .43″ Hollow Round 2.75″ 2
Genial Day L 2.32″ 1.77″ 29 ml 30 ml .43″ Hollow Round 2.75″ 2
Hello (TPE) XS 1.85″ 1.50″ 17 ml 17 ml .39″ Solid Round Nub 2.24″ 5
Hello (TPE) S/M 1.93″ 1.61″ 21 ml 21 ml .39″ Solid Round Nub 2.32″ 5
Hello (TPE) M/L 2.13″ 1.77″ 28 ml 28 ml .39″ Solid Round Nub 2.52″ 5
Hello Low Cervix (TPE) S/M 1.69″ 1.61″ 21 ml 21 ml None 1.69″ 5
Hello Low Cervix (TPE) M/L 1.93″ 1.77″ 28 ml 28 ml None 1.93″ 5
Honey Pot S 2.13” 1.65” N/A 25 ml Round Hollow 2.13″ TBD
Honey Pot L 2.24” 1.77” N/A 30 ml Round Hollow 2.24″ TBD
JuJu Cup S (1) 1.81″ 1.57″ 18 ml 20 ml .75″ Solid Thin 2.56″ 4
JuJu Cup L (2) 1.97″ 1.81″ 27 ml 30 ml .75″ Solid Thin 2.72″ 4
JuJu Cup 4 Low 1.57″ 1.89″ 23 ml 23 ml .39″ Solid Thin 1.96″ 4
JuJu Cup 3 High 2.28″ 1.57″ 22 ml 22 ml .79″ Solid Thin 3.07″ 4
Keeper (Rubber) L (A) 2.13″ 1.81″ 15 ml 25 ml 1″ 3.13″ 5 +
Keeper (Rubber) S (B) 2.05″ 1.73″ N/A 21 ml 1″ 3.05″ 5 +
Keeper Moon Cup L (A) 2.13″ 1.81″ 15 ml 25 ml 1″ 3.13″ TBD
Keeper Moon Cup S (B) 2.05″ 1.73″ N/A 21 ml 1″ 3.05″ TBD
Kind Cup S 1.80” 1.50″ 19 ml 23 ml 1.30” Solid 3.10” 2
Kind Cup L 2.10” 1.70” 25 ml 35 ml 1.7” Solid 3.80″ 2
LadyCup S 1.81″ 1.57″ 15 ml 21 ml .75″ Hollow Round 2.56″ 5
LadyCup L 2.09″ 1.81″ 21 ml 34 ml .51″ Hollow Round 2.60″ 5
LaliCup S 1.81″ 1.59″ 22 ml 27 ml 1″ 2.81″ 3
LaliCup M 2.00″ 1.74″ 30 ml 36 ml .87″ 2.87″ 3
LaliCup L 2.13″ 1.83″ 35 ml 41 ml .75″ 2.88″ 3
LENA S 1.81″ 1.57″ 21 ml 25 ml .98″ Solid Flat 2.79″ 4
LENA L 2.00″ 1.77″ 30 ml 30 ml .78″ Solid Flat 2.78″ 4
LENA Sensitive S 1.81″ 1.57″ 21 ml 25 ml .98″ Solid Flat 2.79″ 2
LENA Sensitive L 2.00″ 1.77″ 30 ml 30 ml .78″ Solid Flat 2.78″ 2
Leona Air Flow S 2.13″ 1.61″ 22 ml N/A .51″ Round Hollow 2.64″ 4
Leona Air Flow L 2.28″ 1.77″ 30 ml N/A .51″ Round Hollow 2.79″ 4
Lily Cup S (A) 3.07″ 1.57″ 25 ml 25 ml Length incl stem 3.07″ 2
Lily Cup L (B) 3.07″ 1.70″ 28 ml 28 ml Length incl stem 3.07″ 2
Lily Cup Compact S (A) 2.28″ 1.65″ 15 ml 20 ml Length incl stem 2.28″ 1
Lily Cup Compact L (B) 2.28″ 1.77″ 20 ml 25 ml Length incl stem 2.28″ 1
Lily Cup One OS 1.85″ 1.54″ 20 ml 20 ml Length incl stem 1.85″ 1
LouLou S 1.77″ 1.65″ 20 ml 25 ml .98″ Solid Round 2.75″ Blue 3/Pink 4
LouLou L 1.97″ 1.81″ 30 ml 30 ml .79″ Solid Round 2.76″ Blue 3/Pink 4
Lumma SB 1.50″ 1.60″ N/A 13 ml 0.55″ Round Hollow 2.05” 3
Lumma S 1.38″ 1.50″ N/A 10 ml 0.63″ Round Hollow 2.01” 3
Lumma MB+ 1.81″ 1.55″ N/A 23 ml 0.63″ Round Hollow 2.44” 3
Lumma M+ 1.65″ 1.45″ N/A 17 ml 0.71″ Round Hollow 2.36” 3
Lumma MB 1.89″ 1.60″ N/A 17 ml 0.55″ Round Hollow 2.44” 3
Lumma M 1.77″ 1.50″ N/A 12 ml 0.63″ Round Hollow 2.40” 3
Lumma HB+ 2.17″ 1.75″ N/A 36 ml 0.51″ Round Hollow 2.68” 3
Lumma H+ 2.13″ 1.60″ N/A 29 ml 0.51″ Round Hollow 2.64” 3
Lumma HB 2.24″ 1.75″ N/A 22 ml 0.59″ Round Hollow 2.83” 3
Lumma H 2.24″ 1.50″ N/A 20 ml 0.59″ Round Hollow 2.83” 3
Lunette S (1) 1.90″ 1.60″ 21 ml 25 ml 1″ Solid Flat 2.90″ 3
Lunette L (2) 2.00″ 1.80″ 27 ml 30 ml .8″ Solid Flat 2.80″ 4
Luv Ur Body S 2.85″ 1.65″ 25 ml 25 ml .71” leaf 3.56″ 4
Luv Ur Body M 2.44″ 1.77″ 38 ml 45 ml .79” leaf 3.23″ 4
Luv Ur Body L 2.36″ 1.89″ 36 ml 46 ml .79” leaf 3.15″ 4
Mermaid Cup S 2.05″ 1.65″ 16 ml 28 ml .94″ Solid 2.99″ 2
Mermaid Cup L 2.20″ 1.81″ 20 ml 34 ml .94″ Solid 3.14″ 2
Mermaid Guppy S 1.57” 1.77” N/A 24 ml .95” Solid 2.52″ TBD
Mermaid Guppy L 1.57” 1.89” N/A 28 ml .95” Solid 2.52″ TBD
MCUK (Mooncup UK) L (A) 1.97″ 1.81″ 20 ml 30 ml .83″ Hollow Round 2.80″ TBD
MCUK (Mooncup UK) S (B) 1.97″ 1.69″ 15 ml 29 ml .83″ Hollow Round 2.80″ TBD
MeLuna (TPE) S 1.77″ 1.50″ 15 ml 15 ml .47″ Stem, .31″ Ball, or .39″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
MeLuna (TPE) M 1.89″ 1.61″ 20 ml 20 ml .51″ Stem, .35″ Ball, or .47″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
MeLuna (TPE) L 2.00″ 1.73″ 24 ml 24 ml .59″ Stem, .43″ Ball, or .59″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
MeLuna (TPE) XL 2.20″ 1.85″ 28 ml 30 ml .59″ Stem, .35″ Ball, or .51″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
MeLuna Shorty (TPE) S 1.38″ 1.50″ 8 ml 8 ml .47″ Stem, .28″ Ball, or .39″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
MeLuna Shorty (TPE) M 1.50″ 1.61″ 10 ml 10 ml .51″ Stem, .28″ Ball, or .39″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
MeLuna Shorty (TPE) L 1.61″ 1.73″ 14 ml 14 ml .55″ Stem, .28″ Ball, or .43″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
MeLuna Shorty (TPE) XL 1.73″ 1.85″ 16 ml 16 ml .59″ Stem, .31″ Ball, or .43″ Ring ⬅️ Classic 4 / Soft 2 / Sport 5
Merula OS 1.54″ 1.81″ 38 ml 38 ml 2.83″ Ladder (2.4″ or 1.9″ trimmed) 4.37″ 5
Merula XL OS 1.97″ 1.81″ 50 ml 50 ml 1.02″ Ladder 2.99″ 5
MonthlyCup S 1.77″ 1.46″ 15 ml 15 ml .39″ Solid 2.16″ 3
MonthlyCup M 2.16″ 1.69″ 22 ml 22 ml .39″ Solid 2.55″ 5
MonthlyCup L 2.16″ 1.85″ 30 ml 34 ml .39″ Solid 2.55″ 5
MyCup XS 1.77″ 1.50″ 16 ml 22 ml .71″ Solid 2.48″ 5
MyCup S 1.77″ 1.65″ 22 ml 29 ml .71″ Solid 2.48″ 4
MyCup L 2.00″ 1.81″ 31 ml 40 ml .63″ Solid 2.63″ 4
NÜDIE S 2.20” 1.50” 18 ml 18 ml Pebble Inc. in Length 2.20″ 1
NÜDIE M 2.40” 1.65” 25 ml 24 ml Pebble Inc. in Length 2.40″ 1
NÜDIE L 2.60” 1.81″ 34 ml 32 ml Pebble Inc. in Length 2.60″ 1
Oi (TPE) S 1.93″ 1.38″ 17 ml 30 ml .43″ Hollow Round 2.36″ 2
Oi (TPE) M 2.32” 1.57″ 25 ml 30 ml .43″ Hollow Round 2.75″ 2
Oi (TPE) L 2.32″ 1.77″ 29 ml 30 ml .43″ Hollow Round 2.75″ 2
OrganiCup XS 1.73” 1.46” 15 ml 15 ml .55” Stem 2.28″ 2
OrganiCup S 1.97” 1.57” 21 ml 25 ml .59” Stem 2.56″ 2
OrganiCup L 2.17” 1.77″ 27 ml 30 ml .59” Stem 2.76″ 2
Ruby Cup S 1.81″ 1.57″ 20 ml 24 ml .67″ Stem 2.48″ 2
Ruby Cup M 2.00″ 1.77″ 24 ml 34 ml .75″ Stem 2.75″ 2
Saalt T 1.77″ 1.50″ N/A 15 ml .79″ Solid Flat 2.56″ 3
Saalt S 1.87″ 1.61″ 20 ml 25 ml .91″ Solid Flat 2.78″ 4
Saalt L 2.05″ 1.81″ 30 ml 30 ml .71″ Solid Flat 2.76″ 4
Saalt Soft S 1.87″ 1.61″ 20 ml 25 ml .91″ Solid Flat 2.78″ 2
Saalt Soft L 2.05″ 1.81″ 30 ml 30 ml .71″ Solid Flat 2.76″ 2
Sckoon Cup S 1.60″ 1.60″ N/A 23 ml 1.2″ Thin Soft Taper 2.80″ 1
Sckoon Cup L 2.00″ 1.80″ 29 ml 30 ml .80″ Thin Soft Taper 2.80″ 1
Selena S 1.77″ 1.54″ 15 ml 21 ml .51″ Ring 2.28″ 4
Selena M 1.89″ 1.65″ 20 ml 26 ml .55″ Ring 2.44″ 4
Selena L 2.09″ 1.77″ 25 ml 33 ml .55″ Ring 2.64″ 4
Shecup OS 2.13″ 1.73″ N/A 28 ml .22″ Knob 2.35″ TBD
Si-Bell S 1.85″ 1.61″ 20 ml 20 ml 1.06″ Solid Thin Notched 2.91″ 1
Si-Bell L 2.05″ 1.81″ 30 ml 30 ml .87″ Solid Thin Notched 2.92″ 1
Scarlet S 1.85” 1.61″ N/A 25 ml 1.06” Solid Flat 2.91″ TBD
Scarlet L 2.02” 1.69” N/A 30 ml 0.85” Solid Flat 2.87″ TBD
Super Jennie S 1.87″ 1.69″ 26 ml 32 ml .59″ Stem 2.46″ 1
Super Jennie L 2.05″ 1.85″ 34 ml 41 ml .63″ Stem 2.68″ 1
Tampax S 1.65″ 1.85″ 20 ml 24 ml .91″ Flat Solid 2.56″ 4
Tampax L 1.93″ 2.09″ 30 ml 37 ml .63″ Flat Solid 2.56″ 4
Tieutcup S 1.80″ 1.50″ 23 ml 32 ml 1″ Flat Solid 2.80″ 4
Tieutcup L 2.00″ 1.70″ 30 ml 42 ml .90″ Flat Solid 2.90″ 4
UltuCup XS 2.08″ 1.65″ 21 ml 25 ml .31″ Solid Thin 2.39″ 3
UltuCup S 2.44″ 1.65″ 25 ml 30 ml .31″ Solid Thin 2.75″ 3
UltuCup L 2.44″ 1.81″ 30 ml 40 ml .31″ Solid Thin 2.75″ 3
Venus S 1.85” 1.65” 23 ml 29 ml .94” Solid 2.79″ 3
Venus L 2.20” 1.85” 39 ml 47 ml .59” Solid 2.79″ 3
XO Flo OS 2.16″ 1.77″ 38 ml 38 ml 1.22″ Ball Taper 3.38″ 4
XO Flo Mini 1.77″ 1.61″ 25 ml 31 ml 1.14″ Ball Taper 2.91″ 4
Yuuki S (1) 1.93″ 1.61″ 20 ml 25 ml .71″ Hollow Round 2.64″ 5
Yuuki L (2) 2.20″ 1.81″ 33 ml 37 ml .71″ Hollow Round 2.91″ 5
Yuuki Soft S (1) 1.93″ 1.61″ 20 ml 25 ml .71″ Hollow Round 2.64″ 4
Yuuki Soft L (2) 2.20″ 1.81″ 33 ml 37 ml .71″ Hollow Round 2.91″ 4

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart at Put A Cup In ItUnless otherwise noted, all cups are made from medical grade silicone. Rubber cups are quite firm and TPE ((thermoplastic elastomer)) cups are safe for those with silicone allergies. Capacity is to holes when known. Please note that inclusion in this chart does not equal an endorsement.

Looking for a cup not listed?

Brands that we do list, but that may go by another name on the visual tool, chart, or both (related post: brands we don’t list)

  • Look for Oi (Genial Day, TOTM, Masmi, SilverCare, Farmacomfort)
  • Look for UltuCup (Casco Cup, Hesta, Green Cup of Maine, Wā Collective, Lincup, LifeCup, Halo)
  • Look for Si-Bell (Clari Cup, Soch)
  • Look for MeLuna (Silja)

For more information on brands we don’t list (knock-offs, mass produced private labels, unclear safety, lack of FDA clearance, etc.), please read our post on these types of cups and brands.


175 Responses

    1. I cannot find many of these brands in India! I have just started out with Sirona Size M based on the ratings and reviews. Can you please help me understand if this would work for me?

      1. Even I use a sirona size regular.. in what sense do you want to know whether itll work for you or not ??

  1. Anyone have experience using a menstrual cup with mirena.i used one before mirena but when i got it the obgyn discouraged me frome using it any more.

    1. Many women use a cup with an IUD and from what I’ve heard (I don’t personally have an IUD) obgyns who are familiar with cups tend to say that it’s just fine — just be conscious of your strings and release the suction before pulling the cup down/out.

    2. I have been using mine for over a year (4 years for the cup, 1 yr with Mirena) my nurse practitoner but she also said there was no real research about it and she just did not know. I personally use the lunette which is very thick and hard so that makes ti almost impossible to ever be confused with my mirena strings. The one thing is that due to me having a mirena my flow has gone down so much I really do not really need such a big cup but my experience has been great. Obviously the only thing would be to NOT use it on the 7 days after insertion, just like you cannot swim or use tampons.

    3. Anecdotal: A close friend has IUD and tried using a cup concurrently. Unfortunately, the cup knocked the IUD off kilter just enough and she has an Ectopic Pregnancy and miscarried. Was a devastating experience.

      1. I had a copper IUD, I stopped Using my Cup for even though loving it, Somehow the IUD moved apparently , I now have a beautiful 1 year old Daughter XD … Nothing is 100% safe no matter what you do I Guess ( apparently 99.7% safe is still quite risky same as pills ! that mean almost one person on 100 will get pregnant, when said like this it sound quite scary =0 !!!!!!!! )

      2. Wow! So thankful I don’t have to worry about birth control. Hubby has grown less fertile over time. Last time we got pregnant was 9yrs ago.

      3. That’s so awful😥. I’m not on any kind of birth control at all thankfully, but from what I’ve read about the IUD and cups, I’d advise against using them both at the same time. Seems like it’s just not worth the risk. But we all have to do what works best for us and no one else.

      4. Medical student here, 1 yr out from being a doctor– IUDs are not location-dependent! As long as they are in your uterus, they should be working. Your IUD can’t get knocked “off-kilter” making it non-functional; it can be expelled or it can fail. If you or a friend got pregnant with an IUD, it wasn’t because the IUD was “out of place.”

        1. Lauren the location of an IUD absolutely affects how effective it is and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy! I had a copper IUD pregnancy, so had long discussions with my doctor when I got a Mirena IUD later on (she specializes in IUDs specifically). The Mirena shifted down to the bottom of my uterus within 24 hours of insertion and my doctor had to replace it for effective birth control. Please please please make sure you are inserting IUDs correctly if you choose to do that as a doctor.

    4. I had the Skyla IUD and used the divacup for over a year, until randomly one night during my period- I went to empty my cup and the IUD came out with it. Obviously this is a very uncommon thing to happen, and thankfully it came out in one piece painlessly. I haven’t heard anything bad about using a menstrual cup while having an IUD though.

  2. I struggle with my cup (Lunette 2) sliding down throughout the day. Should I try a cup with a larger diameter or shorter length? Thanks!

  3. Clarifying question: do the lengths listed here include the stem or are they the length of the cup and the stem length should be added on to get full length top-to-bottom? Thank you.

  4. I noticed the Luv ur body cup is not on your list. That is my Goldilocks cup for a heavy bleeder with a high cevix.

  5. I currently have the blossom cup and I was hoping to compare it to others that might work better, but I didn’t find it on here.

  6. I’ve never used a cup before, but I’m interested in trying, at least. I’m 40 years old, I have a relatively small vaginal canal, and a slightly tilted uterus. I have no idea where to begin. I think I’m interested in trying the diva cup, but I don’t know what size. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

    1. I’m not sure if you bought a cup yet or not. I bought the Lena cup small. It works fine for me (so far…This is my first cycle using any cup). I’m 41 yrs, with what I guess is a low cervix (my cup doesn’t go anywhere once it’s in). I’ve had a child 15 years ago. And my flow is normal. I also have light incontinence (light accidents when I sneeze or cough), so I bought the sensitive cup. The sensitive cup takes a little work to open because it’s not very firm. I use the fold in half fold because I find it easier to open and create a good seal. I’ve only been using it for two days, but I haven’t had any leaks as of yet. Sorry if this is TMI, but I just wanted to help you out…or anyone else who might be deciding on getting a cup.

      1. Wow, I’m so jealous. I’ve been using my Lena cup for 2 days now and I check it every hour and I have leaks EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s so frustrating especially because I only have a few tampons so I really want the LENA cup to work so I don’t have to buy tampons to substitute.

        1. Do not worry about leaking. The more acquainted you get with the cup and with your vagina, the easier this all gets! I had a few bloody incidents at the start and thought of Dexter LOL
          I find the best thing to do is stop fearing that we’ll break our pussies; they’re tough crackers! I like to put my index finger and go around the cup, because then you can feel if the cup is still folded due to suction and can keep going around and nudging it, so air goes in and gets straight.

  7. I had heard that intimina had just recently slightly shortened their large lily cup. Anyone know if this is true?

      1. Sound is a natural phenomenon which can be explained in mathematical terms. Sound “dead” areas can and do occur so people who say they don’t hear turbine noise/not affected are likely telling the truth as they are in a “dead” sound area. All just part of the sound phenomenon picture.

      2. Ik ga hem vanavond maken! Heb er echt heel veel zin in. Ik kon in de supermarkt kiezen tussen rode en groene linzen. Heb rood gekozen, hoop dat dat goed is!

        1. Trying to find which cups to use because i get rashes from pads and liners. Tried organic brands but two of my brands gave me a rash in the past year and i’m running out of options. Organic pads are expensive
          Not to mention i need an expensive ointment to make the rash go away every time.

          But i have a copper iud and it seems like iuds and menstrual cups don’t work together. I need a cup sooner than later but no way i want to give up my iud

          1. O, I can imagine this to be very uncomfortable…

            But, to give you some hope with trying a menstrual cup, as far as I could get information on this topic, it should be fine to use a cup with an IUD, since the suction cannot remove the IUD. The only thing it could (but doesn’t have to) happen is that when removing the cup you might accidentally pull the string – but this does not have to happen, as I said. If you are insecure about this, feel free to ask a gynecologist about this topic.

            I hope this helps you. Also, Put a Cup in it has a Youtube channel and some of their videos actually cover this topic.

  8. Hello,

    Is there a comparison of firmness between different brands? I bought the Eva cup and have been trying every troubleshooting technique I can find online and it still won’t pop open. Since it’s squished partially, its only catching about half, very annoying. Maybe I need the smaller size or a different cup??

  9. Are the height measurements with or without the stem/ball? I’m having a difficult time getting a cup to work because of a low cervix with scarring from vaginal tears and would like to know the size of the actual cup part.

  10. I have a tilted cervix and the first two days are very heavy and then after that barely anything and I have a lot of clots, which one should I use I have had two natural births and a C section and I have never ever been able to wear a tampon, which cup should I get or try.

    1. I don’t know if you have already bought your cup, but I am in the same boat as you minus the whole giving birth thing. I use the small ruby cup, you may want to try the larger model.

  11. I am a cup convert!! It has literally changed everything! I am so happy that menstrual cups are becoming popular now. I tell all my friends. I’ve tried diva but recently switched to calla, it has the best level of rigidity for me, feels really secure. Let’s all save the environment together girls! Long live the cup!! <3

  12. I have never used a cup and I have relied on birth control pills to control flow and horrible mestrual difficulties since age 15 (I am now 46). The only exception was to become pregnant one time but as soon as my son was born (9 years ago), I went back on the pill. I did try to go off it about 20 mons ago (for 3-4 cycles) but the flow was heavy, the periods erratic, and the cramps so terrible I returned to the pill. I am now interested in going off the pill permanently and want to try a cup. But… I am terrified! I rarely have inserted tampons (due to the pill and a very light flow) so have little experience with the ‘feel’ of my insides, if you will. Lunette and Lena cups were recommended. I am in need of advice, suggestions, tips, down right encouragement to begin this change. Thank you in advance ladies! Peace.

    1. I’m not sure if you bought a cup yet or not. I bought the Lena cup small. It works fine for me (so far…This is my first cycle using any cup). I’m 41 yrs, with what I guess is a low cervix (my cup doesn’t go anywhere once it’s in). I’ve had a child 15 years ago. And my flow is normal. I also have light incontinence (light accidents when I sneeze or cough), so I bought the sensitive cup. The sensitive cup takes a little work to open because it’s not very firm. I use the fold in half fold because I find it easier to open and create a good seal. I’ve only been using it for two days, but I haven’t had any leaks as of yet. Sorry if this is TMI, but I just wanted to help you out…or anyone else who might be deciding on getting a cup.

    2. This may be way late for you at this point, but its never too late to take control of your health! Menstrual cups have greatly helped reduce my cramping, but even more helpful has been to track my entire cycle and really understand what is happening in your body. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler or checking out The Period Girl at It’s fascinating to learn about your body and be able to recognize and learn ways to help yourself out. Good Luck!

  13. I have been using the FemmyCycle cup and love it! I think you should check it out. It’s different from the others I’ve tried and doesn’t put pressure on my bladder. I use the lower cervix one, even though I am not entirely sure my cervix is low, and it’s super comfortable for me.

    1. It’s nice to hear this as I currently have a diva but about 1 or 2 days every few months there is a time my cervix drops more than usual and I need a lower cervix cup. I’ve been wanting to try this one, thinking on a twin pack since I have a close friend with a very low cervix who wants to try out a cup. This just makes it better for the budget.

  14. So I purchased a “soft silicone menstrual cup” 2 pack sold by diggold on amazon(not shown on pictures as any brand on this list- the stems have little hearts on them. The first time I used one, it was awesome. I inserted during my shower, it fit perfect, filled up during the day, etc. I swapped at night and woke up to niagara falls. And every time I’ve attempted to use them since then, I leak and they won’t open all the way.
    Do I need a larger size or a firmer cup? I bought a small because I have issues with normal sized equipment being used during my yearly exams.

    1. Make sure the holes are not clogged preventing a seal. You can tug down on it once inserted to be sure it’s sealed. I rotate it ever so slightly to ensure it’s fully open.

  15. Hi, Can you write a review about Lali cup. It is medical grade silicone cup from Slovenia, they have 3 sizes, medium soft firmness, between V and bell shape. |
    I have a question about the shape of the cup. Is it possible that V shape suits better then bell shaped cup?

    1. I just tried the Lalicup this cycle and like it a lot, average firmness. I tried the medium of this cup. There won’t be a huge noticeable difference in the shapes but the shapes affect the capacity.

  16. I have a small question if you guys would please get back to me when you can. I am almost 18 and I’ve never worn a cup before. I’m really small and a bit underweight and very skinny. Tampons sometimes hurt and don’t always go in without pressure and I sometimes have to force them in. I’ve never had a child and i never got my cervix checked out but I know my vagina is sensitive and when i do out in a tampon it is hard to pee. I also wear regular tampons and my periods are only heavy on the first two days I am interested in a cup because I think it will be better for me. Do you know which cup I should buy or which cup is best for me? Please respond. Thankyou!

    1. I was wondering this too — if I have issues getting a regular tampon in, will I even be able to use a cup?

        1. If you have trouble with tampons, you will have evendors more trouble with a cup. Maybe try one of the softer, smaller ones?

      1. my babes, all it takes is a lottttttt of practice, some bravado (balls/chutzpah lol), and some time spent REALLY getting to know yourself & your insides-which will include getting a bit messy!! my experience with tampons was horrifying, my mom never used them so i had to rely on the girls in my theatre troupe to help me with that one. they were helpful as they could be, but until i became regularly sexually active, my vagina was entirely uncharted waters, and thus very scary for me as a panicky, scared & anxious young girl:/ i eventually (this was literally after YEARS of using tampons to only get to an “ok” point of being comfortable inserting/wearing them) got the hang of them and now that i’ve switched to cups, i’m AMAZED. idk what experience exactly y’all have with tampons, but with me at least, tampons as well as disposable pads.pantiliners have all irritated my inner and outer labia and the surrounding skin so badly!! the worst part though, was the dryness and irritation from tampons, which i only semi-recently realized are full of NASTY chemicals you wouldn’t touch with your hand, let alone be INSERTING INTO YOUR BODY! you feel me?

        so. it seems intimidating, i’m sure. and i’m certainly not perfect with my cup as of right now but girls it is a billion times better than the disposable options, and for so many reasons. do your research-it’ll pay off. this site is great, but there are youtube channels like preciousstarspads whom i think will specifically benefit the both of you immensely!!! seriously, go check her out! and good luck my lil cherry blossoms!!! i’m off to go change my cup actually, lol! good luck<3<3<3

  17. What cup would you recommend if I find the Lena small size to be too thick or firm? I find it difficult to keep folded when inserting, would prefer a thinner cup, any ideas?

  18. Hi, found you through I Know I Need To Stop Talking. Before I ask you for ideas of potential Holy Grail cups: have any of you ever tried putting cups in when not on your period? If so, have you found that where you are in your cycle affects he ease or difficulty of getting one in?

    29, 5″ dot, drama person, never had children. My flow is normally heavy enough that I leak on underwear/bottoms/bedding/floor at least once a cycle and clot if I eat badly enough, but also sometimes use Lilets teen night pads as pantliners. I bleed for a week at a time, generally regular as clockwork.

    I have no idea where my cervix is and have never been for any gyno stuff apart from cervical smears or if I’ve had a swollen zitty-type lump. I had been using a particularly soft cup with a bobble end in blue glitter. However, it’s a real faff to get in because I have to fold it every which way and I often find it doesn’t open out all the way. I’m often crampy and sensitive and have taken mefanamic acid in the past. I really liked disposable Softcups but you can’t get them any more in the UK as far as I’m aware. Ones with arms have been pretty hit and miss for me and I wasn’t wild on the Mooncup.

    It’s been a while since I’ve used one and I generally use Always Infinity pads. I avoid tampons because they shed fibres but have used them in the long-ago past.

    I want – and need – one for practical reasons. I get that cups are all about empowering women and think this is great; however, I sometimes feel that cups are marketed towards women while trans men and non-binary bleeders aren’t always taken into account.
    As someone who is in one of those categories, I find this a bit frustrating.

    Hope that anyone *can* help, and thanks for reading

    1. I have found that it really matters whether I’m on my period or not since I gave birth the cup is super uncomfortable until my period starts, but unnoticeable during. Before giving birth it was only slightly noticeable and I sometimes used a cup as a “just in case” before my period started.

    2. I’m not sure how a company would help you on that. A silicone cup to collect blood seems pretty non gender specific to me, aside from the fact of where you have to put it. But there are many cups that come in gender neutral shades such as white, frosted, orange, and black. Also, there are some blue cups you could use. Blue has always been historically a male color if that’s your thing too. I have noticed also in my searches thru various different websites for menstrual cups, that a great number of them specify on their site that they recognize all different types of menstruators, and not just women. Some won’t even USE the word woman anywhere on their sites.

      The overwhelming VAST majority of menstrual cup users are women who identify as women, so naturally, just like any other marketing, they are going to be geared towards that group.

  19. Hi! I’ve used a diva cup off and on for 8 years and I’m 35. I’ve had 2 csections (never labored and never dialated) and have a size 2 diva per their recommendations. I just got my period 9 months pp and every time I take the diva cup out, it hurts to remove. I have switched to thinx underwear while I sort out which cup would be best. Any ideas which cups might work?

  20. I need a high capacity cup for low cervix. The femmycycle looks like it would be functional but the reviews imply the no leak funnel thing serves no purpose and can fling blood when opened. I assume I would get used to managing that and it would be worth it to not have to change the cup out as often but the merula cup sounds like it would work better, I’m just not sure what my best option for purchasing it would be.

  21. I switched to the cup a few months ago. I currently have the small Lunette cup, and have no trouble inserting. However I cannot get the cup to open fully. I’m not sure of the location of my cervix, and I believe that my uterus and cervix are slightly titled. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get this thing to open, or do I need a smaller cup? I have been told I am small down there(that’s about the only place on my body that is!)

  22. i have tried a cup (I think the blossom cup but not positive) and everytime I tried it, the cup would go up higher and would make removal difficult as I could barely grab the stem. what would be recommended to find a better fit?

  23. i have a 1 Diva Cup. No children. And I find it the rubber is too hard. Often irritating me with the process of putting it in and out. I also have vestibulitis and lichen simplex chronicus. Anyone have suggestion or experiences of which cup would be better?

  24. Hello there 🙂

    First off, I want to tell you how fabulous and helpful your website is! I love that you took the time to compile all of this information. So, thank you for that!!

    I am new to the world of menstrual cups and I really want to get on board with them. I bought a DivaCup on a whim at CVS one day thinking that would be a good place to start. It worked somewhat. I just had a LOT of struggles rotating it 360° to get a proper seal, and this is after multiple cycles). So, my question for you is…are there any cups out there where you don’t have to rotate it to get the seal?

    (Also, I took the quiz. It suggested either the MeLuna Sport, Yuuki, LadyCup, or the LenaCup)

    Much appreciated,
    A newbie cup user

    1. hey,
      i use the lunette light flow cup and its great.
      i often use a little aloe vera to help it up and in. I’ve only had trouble once when i didn’t push it up quite far enough, but otherwise, its the cup for me. ive never had to twist it, the cup seems to just open as its inserted. I use the C fold.
      so, id suggest using lube maybe, or something to help with the rotation.
      itsjustkelli on youtube has done a stack of reviews on cups and other devices. The reviews are a bit repetitive, but well worth it if you’re going to buy a new cup. She started with the Diva, but found others are better. Lots of details which really help, even if you skip to the end for the conclusion. (theyre long)

  25. My daughter suggested I try this product. I don’t use tampons…even thinking about the idea of putting something inside me like that is nauseating. I am having surgery soon and I will apparently be on my period. I really shouldn’t be having periods anymore but my body seems to be liking my new healthy lifestyle so much that it wants to keep going. 😛 Anyway, we will see if this can work for my at this time. I do have one angst about your site though. It has SO MANY advertisements that I had trouble following links to your quiz and ended up downloading extensions I didn’t want or need! The quiz should be right up top and, especially newcomers, shouldn’t have to scroll way down to find it!! For all I knew I needed those extensions to take the quiz, it wasn’t clear. 🙁
    Thank you for this option. I am hoping this will do well for me. 🙂

  26. Hi. Thanks so much for this wonderful website and information. I just wanted to comment, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this? I find I’m very very very sensitive “down there”. I’m not sexually active right now and when I was, over a decade ago, it was a nightmare, very painful every time. I think I’m small and very tight down there, being sexually active didn’t make me any “looser” down there. I recently started using a Luv Ur Body cup and I LOVE how long it is, because I’m very very very long down there with an extremely high cervix (long and narrow as they say). However I found after removing and inserting it about 3 times or so that I was SOOO irritated down there I couldn’t even touch myself there anymore. I’ve been a regular tampon user all my life but after removing and inserting the cup about 3 times I was so irritated down there I couldn’t even use a tampon for a couple of days. Has anyone else had this problem? I’d really love to be able to use a menstrual cup but it’s just too painful and irritating for me to insert and remove. Will I get used to it and it will stop irritating me after a few times?

    1. That particular cup has raised flowers on the exterior. It’s possible thaty ou are sensitive to the friction they may be causing. If it doesn’t get better I would consider getting another cup with a smoother surface (most are). -A

  27. I noticed the saalt menstrual cup is so new there’s no place on the website to buy it. Or at least nothing that I could find. Does anyone know the capacity of the saalt large cup?

  28. I recently got the sckoon cup -small it is very comfortable but, I keep having this problem where I know it was positioned correctly but for some reason it leaked everywhere. When I go to take it out it feels like it is still in the right place though. I am very active I do ballet and rock climbing which both require a strong core. I also have a low/regular cervix and a fairly regular flow. Any suggestions?

  29. I recently got the sckoon cup -small it is very comfortable but, I keep having this problem where I know it was positioned correctly but for some reason it leaked everywhere. When I go to take it out it feels like it is still in the right place though. I am very active I do ballet and rock climbing which both require a strong core. I also have a low/regular cervix depending on the point in my period and a fairly regular flow. Any suggestions?

    1. I have the same issue with my sckoon, where it leaks even when it’s only half full and still in the right position. I find that because I have strong pelvic floor muscles due to horseback riding, I tend to smash in the bottom of the cup, and that causes me to loose a lot of the capacity. This may be what you’re going through as you say that you are active. If this is the case, maybe go for a firmer cup like the Meluna Sport, Lena, or Yuuki (even the Yuuki soft is very firm). I must mention that the sckoon still does catch my blood while I’m using it, it just has a lower capacity. If you’re finding that the sckoon is not catching any of the blood at all and starts leaking right after you’ve inserted it, then it could be due to poor positioning of the cup. If you have a low cervix, it is easy to place the cup too high and past your cervix (not into the cervix, but next to it in your vaginal canal) which means none of the blood is falling into the cup, and rather falling past it. Hope these suggestions helped.

  30. Bought a Dutchess Cup as my first cup, since it was a mid-price option and I didn’t want to spend too much on something I new I’d end up replacing. Hoping to find something just a little bit softer but I’m not sure what it compares to. Am eyeing up the suggested cups after taking the quiz but still don’t want to make a hasty decision without knowing what point I’m at first

    1. Have a look at YouTube reviews. itsjustkelli does a lot of period product reviews. It was her that made me choose the Lunette cup as well as this sites table of compared measurements.

  31. I’ve got the Lunette cup, small. Occasionally I get overflow on my heavy days, but that’s usually upon waking and standing up. I’ve done flips, handstands, etc… and not had any trouble.
    My question would be, is the cup full when you remove it after leaking? If yes, then I guess you need to empty it more often. If not, perhaps you need a cup with a larger circumference?
    I think you can get help from a gynaecologist to work out which would fit you best.
    Good Luck

  32. I also want to take the time to express my appreciation for this site. When I first started using cups, I hadn’t the faintest idea on what I needed, so I bought just about all of them, with the exception of the cheap chinese cups. I have since discovered, after an afternoon in tears with the Lily cup, that I can’t handle anything any longer the the Diva cup. Up until I found this chart, however, it was a bit of a struggle to look up the cups and compare them to the Diva side by side. Thanks to the side by side chart, it’s very easy to line them up and decide which is too long BEFORE spending a small fortune.

  33. Help! I want to love my cup but I constantly leak. I’ve watched hours of videos, and read hundreds of tips, and I’m still having trouble. I’m getting a seal, for sure, no doubt about it. My cup fills up, no problem. My leaks aren’t because it’s full, for sure. I basically use it to slow the flow onto the pad because I’ve given up that it’ll work one day and not leak. Doctors have mentioned that my cervix is tilted so I’m wondering if that’s the problem. I certainly cannot reach my cervix like most women. I did natural family plannin for years so I’m familiar with what I’m feeling for etc but I can NOT feel my cervix. It’s high and tilted toward my bottom according to the doctor. Is there a cup that you recommend? I’m currently using the blossom cup, and I want to love it but it just doesn’t work. I can’t figure out why it’s leaking, when I’ve got a seal! It can be collecting a little, a lot, or in between and I’m guaranteed to leak. Oh- I’ve been using for almost a year, so I’m not brand new to this.

    1. It’s not the cervix that is wrong (Even with it being high and tilted) : It’s the cup. It sounds to me like you need to try a different one. However I know no more than that. Are you on the Facebook group?

    2. Try the Luv-ur-body Medium. It’s a longer cup so may help with leaks (it will essentially reach higher so your cervix will sit in it). I have a long and high cervix and have tried many different brands (Lena, Super Jennie, XO Flo, Merula, Femmy Cycle) and had leaks with them all. The Luv-ur-body works much better for me.

      There’s a sale on Luv-ur-body at the moment as well.

      Best of luck!

      1. thks for your comment . .. not many places mention “long cervix” i think i have one too… mine seems to take up all he space in the smaller cups! meaning i can leak pretty much straight away as if the cup was full!! i cant get more than 15ml (half ounce) in any cup… i will try Luv ya body!! Thanks again

  34. Just bought a femmycycle with regular and low cervix sized cups. It’s my first time trying a cup. And it’s the first time in a long time that I’m looking forward to my period, just so I can see if it works as well for me as for other people who have reviewed it. Wish me luck!

  35. I’m 34 with 4 natural births. I took this quiz and one of the suggestions was the fluercup. That day I saw they were on sale on amazon so I got the small/large fluercup set.

    I’m having a hard time getting it to pop open after insertion, it was also painful to insert and extract, on my heavy day I had to change it after 3 hours, and most of the time I can feel pressure from the cup while wearing. So, I took the quiz again with my new understanding of the cup. But my result says “the fluercup.” I really need another suggestion.

    1. Where do you feel the pain when inserting and removing the cup? Is it around the bladder region, your entrance, or the end of your vaginal canal?

        1. Have you tried inserting the cup using different folds or with lube. On lighter days the stickiness of the silicone could catch and rub against your entrance. Does the pain still persist after it has been inserted or just as you’re putting it in?

          In terms of getting it open, the fleur cup is very soft. After you have the cup inserted, grip the bottom of the cup, pull the cup out again until just the top half of the cup is still inside you. This usually opens the cup, and then just push the cup back into your vagina. Another option is to use the punch down fold, and after it is inserted, press down against the pointed part of the fold (google an image to help) to help spring open the rim.

          If you feel pressure from the cup while wearing it, it may be due to the prominent rim on the fleurcup. I would recommend, if you want a new cup to buy one with a less flared shape, and slightly firmer (not too firm as that can give you pressure as well) and you also mentioned capacity so I would say maybe an XO Flo cup. It has a concealed rim and is a medium firmness and has great capacity.

          I do also have to mention, that the pain could also be from using a cup that is too large. I know this is a notion usually associated with younger virgin girls, but just because you’ve had kids doesn’t mean you have a gaping vagina. I know young girls who’ve never had kids who uses size two cups, and older women who use the size one cups, so it really depends on your body. If it is due to the size of the cup, then it won’t be a smart idea to get a large cup like the XO flo. Does the pain decrease when you use the smaller fleurcup or is it just the same? Do you feel resistance as you’re pushing it in? These could be good signs of the diameter being to big for your opening. In that case, maybe try the Lily Cup. Although it is a bigger cup compared to other brands, because of the super thin silicon you can fold it up super small to put in and still get bit more capacity. It is also very soft and rimless, which can help with the pressure you feel. The compromise is that because of the softness, you may experience the same hardness to open as the fleurcup. Maybe first try different folds, using lube, and pulling the cup down after inserting to see if you can get the fleurcup to work, and if not, try a few of these options. The thing with recommending cups is because everyone has such a different experience with them, it is hard to say for sure something will work. If any has any other experiences please share them so we can help each other out.

          1. Thank you for your insight! The problem is with both cup sizes. It just feels like it is stretching me out and I can constantly feel it. I tired different folds with no change and to run my finger around the cup to see if it was open all the way and to make sure it was over my cervix, but there just wasn’t room. I’m going to give your suggestions a try and also look at the lilycup. Thanks again!

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  37. So helpful. I have heavy periods. I started with the Diva Cup, and for comparison purposes, to find your perfect cup, this was a great place to start. I got past the cup learning curve and found this chart and the quiz. I ordered a Super Jennie, and WOW!! First full night of sleep on a period ever… No leaks! I was actually able to leave my house on my period (again, no leaks). This cup has changed my life!
    If you don’t know which cup to get, take the quiz. I don’t know how, but I feel certain it can point you in the right direction.
    Putacupinit, thank you so much for the important work you have done here. This is truly remarkable! 🙂

  38. Why don’t you include the athena cup in the comparison? I’m interested in a different cup but I want to be able to compare to my current situation before choosing? I haven’t seen anything about this cup on the site but I could be looking in the wrong places.

  39. Why is the Blossom Cup not listed on this chart. It’s the only one I have used and I’d like to compare its firmness with others. The blossom is putting uncomfortable pressure on my bladder. I also think it’s making my cramps more intense. But I don’t know how it compares with others. Even the “select four cups” and compare option doesn’t compare the firmness of the blossom. Although I did find it is one of the larger cups (when compared with other smalls).

  40. This chart is amazing and super helpful!

    Just wanted to point out — I think the lengths on the medium and small LuvUrBody cups need to be swapped!

  41. I recently received the Luna Cup (not on your list) and was able to use it a few days ago for some spotting. Well, last night I started spotting again. Put my cup in and went to bed. This morning I woke up, after a full night’s sleep to a full cup. Had I been using tampons, I would have had to get up one to two times to change tampons. I hadn’t even realized my flow had come on full-force. So far I’m liking the cup, but definitely considering a cup that holds more and this list is absolutely perfect!

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  44. Hello Sir / Madam

    My name is James Naas , And this order is an individual order. I like to make a purchase of 16 oz. Red Plastic Cup Height: 4 3/4″ and i will be more happy if you can email me with the types and Prices that you have as well. Please let me know if you do accept credit card as a form of payment, and that will be picking up at your location..Hope to read back from you soon..

    With kind regards
    James Naas

  45. Hi
    I have a high cervix and been using Juju cup for high cervix but I still struggle to remove it. I tried all the positions and using my muscles to push down while crouching. which cause me to pull a muscle in my lower back. I looked for all the information I can find on high cervix and removing the cup (there’s not much) so before I give up using the cup any tips or suggestions?
    from a desperate woman

  46. list seems pretty USa centric unfortunately…. great place to start though, get a few cup ideas… but then i have to find out if they ship to me (Australia) and i think other small far away countries would have similar problems, and i have found even if they do ship to me, some (like femmy cycle) the postage/shipping costs MORE than the cup!! Femmy cycle regular not available on amazon atm (not to Australia! anyway)

    1. We are based in the US so it makes sense for us to be most familiar with those brands. We are trying to cover the bases worldwide but it’s difficult with so many brands available only in certain countries with none available here, and also with various safety certifications unique to each country of which we don’t know to understand if the cup is safe and regulated. We have considered creating a page per country with cup information specific to that country but haven’t had that time to do so yet.

  47. has anyone tried the Freedom Cup? I’m curious how it compares with the other cups (in firmness) in this chart.

    Im having trouble using it (too stiff when its inside) and leaks.

  48. Loving the new Diva 0, I’d love to see it added here for other women who struggle to find a narrow cup. [I wish they’d leave age out of it though]

    Thank you so much for this amazing chart!

    I wonder how the “flip the top out with a q-tip” style cups are measured? I seems like they might be measured across the top rather than the full width?

      1. Hi Amanda, thanks for this amazing chart. BTW I’m thinking of trying a menstrual disc for the first time but I’m little confused. 🙂 Menstrual cup or menstrual disc – which one do you prefer? Help me out please!

  49. Hi ladies!
    This site is so helpful, and especially this chart. I just bought my first cup and am waiting to give it a go! The only thing I think could be tweaked is adding a question to the quiz about bladder sensitivity. I was recommended 3-5 cups from the quiz, and after using this chart to conduct research, only 1 of them was close to the firmness I want to try for my first due to a very sensitive bladder and urinary tract (For reference, I’m a gal who gets UTI’s very easily, and they move quickly into my bladder, dangerous stuff if I’m not on top of it, so I don’t wanna rush into a 4 or 5 firmness without knowing how my body reacts). I think that one question could help a lot of ladies find more comfort in the shape and firmness. Just a thought, I’m still obviously new. Thanks for all the great work you’re doing here!

  50. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this comparison chart. I had a lunette cup and liked it somewhat, but always had a lot of trouble inserting and removing. I didn’t even realize all the difference in menstrual cup shapes and sizes, and now I know why I had such a horrible experience a couple months ago removing it. My husband and I tried to remove it for about an hour, and I legit thought I would have to go to urgent care. No wonder, Lunette was a crappy choice for my anatomy. I have a super high cervix, and could actually barely feel it even during my period. Trying to conceive I would contort my body to check cervical mucus, and during ovulation, there was no way I was finding that bad boy. I also have very tight pelvic floor muscles (much to my husband’s delight lol) but at times it can be very uncomfortable having sex, even after giving birth. The chart comparison was like a light bulb moment. I just ordered a Lily Cup and have high hopes that I will again be a menstrual cup user 🙂

  51. Hi there! I was just wondering why the MCUK doesn’t have a firmness rating? I’ve had it for years and it works well enough but I’d like to look at my options. I also have another cup that is much softer and doesn’t really work for me bc it doesn’t open up well enough.

    1. I don’t know if you’ve had any help with this, but I use the MCUK and have a few of the others on this list and I would say it’s a 4 on the firmness it’s pretty firm. I use the MCUK very comfortably and I would say the Lunette is about the same maybe a little less.

  52. Thank you so much for this chart and your video on cervix height! I was having the hardest time with Organicup which leaked my entire cycle. I thought it was just a learning curve but the cup would turn sideways and it was as if I was using nothing at all. This chart and your video helped me pick the Lilycup which I just started using this cycle and I can’t believe the difference! No leaks, and I don’t have to go fishing for the cup! You guys are amazing and so so helpful. Thank you thank you thank you

  53. I currently use a DivaCup 2 inside out with the stem trimmed but it sits super low (like basically sits sticking out a bit), and puts pressure on my bladder at times. It even popped right out once when I went to the bathroom. Is the issue that it’s too long, or that the cup is too wide? I was thinking about trying a MeLuna Shorty but I’m in Canada so shipping is a bit of an issue. But now Tampax has one that I can get here… but I’m worried it might be too wide? Has anyone tried it yet?

  54. If a cup seems to be sitting quite high…like i.e spent almost an hour trying to get it out, is that normal? Does that mean I have a high cervix? When I measured I thought I felt a very low cervix, but now I’m thinking I may have been wrong! Luckily the second time was a bit ‘easier’ only because I knew what eventually worked. I’m using the Tampax regular cup. I know everyone says there’s a learning curve..but I’m just not sure if I have the right cup because it seemed nearly impossible that first time.

    1. Hi There Nad,
      I had the same issue, but what I read online, and what worked for me is to sit over the toilet with your heels as close as comfortably possible together, this helps open up your pelvis and tilt your uterus and hips to where you can reach better. Then lightly push like you’re doing a keigel or trying to pee, it will push your uterus down and you should be able to grab it better. If the suction is still pretty firm I will pinch the tail/tab of the cup and either wiggle it toward anus then toward belly button or toward my rt thigh then my lft one and it will remove more easily. Once I get it down to where I can grab a better hold of it, I will grab the bottom of the cup and gently pull down. I hope this helps you like it did me 🙂

  55. Hi There,
    You have on this:
    Brands we don’t list for ethical reasons (knock-offs, unclear safety, lack of FDA clearance, etc.)

    Aneer, Anytime, Athena, Bloody Buddy, Bodybay, CaliCup, Dutchess, InvisiCup, Leasen, Luna Cup, Pixie Cup, Rebel Kate, Vida
    But some of their websites say they are FDA approved, (ex, Luna & Dutches). Might there an updated list?
    I have been using the Blossom Cup (L) for a couple years. I had to trim the stem or it gouged my vaginal opening. By using the Blossom Cup, I have fewer cramps but they are much more intense & sometimes there’s an odd smell. My question is, I took your quiz, and my first 2 days are pretty heavy, changing the blossom cup 2 or 3 times in one day but the next 2 or 3 days there’s barely anything. I took the quiz a couple of times and it gave me some of the cups listed above, which is a bit scary. What might you suggest?

  56. Hi I have been using my mooncup for 12 plus years and it;s fine except on my heaviest day when I leak a lot even when the cup is nowhere near full but the blood is thinner and brighter red. Any suggestions?

  57. Thank you for this chart! Like many people I started with a Diva since it’s the most widely available and this chart has really helped inform me in making new cup purchases!

  58. I have tried several different menstrual cups, and they all made me cramp quite a bit. I deduced it was because of the suction aspect of menstrual cups. So, I have tried a few menstrual discs. I am happy to report I have no cramping, no leaking (always happened with cups), and no irritation from something hanging down into my vagina. It can be a little messy removing the disc, but so was removing cups to be honest. I have found what works for my anatomy. The important thing to remember is not to give up on the idea of waste-free menstruation, and there is a product out there for you. I watched a menstrual disc video on this site before ordering the one that works for me. Thank you! <3

  59. Hi, I’m a new cup user and just started trying them out and thought i’d leave a comment here. Not sure how you guys source for and include the cups into this list but there are 2 brands that I know about which are not included in here that I thought I could let you guys know of 🙂
    1. Freedom cup (mini and grande)
    2. Hivette cup

  60. There might be a mistake in the Blossom/Lena S sizes, I have both and they’re about the same size, although the chart says the Blossom is bigger.

  61. Would you mind expanding on the specific reason(s) for why you consider Pixie Cup to be unethical?
    I’m just concerned because that’s the one I have. I did plenty of research before buying and it all checks out fine and overall doesn’t appear too different from many others I looked into. So is there something I missed that I and others should be aware of?

    1. there is a bible verse on the inside of the cup which isnt disclosed on their website. putting religion in someone’s vagina without informing them is creepy and unethical

  62. Have you heard of The June Cup? Someone mentioned this brand in a Facebook post. Due to the pandemic they are selling them at cost. I’m interested in purchasing a couple but would love to hear if you’re familiar with it and any feedback you may have. Thank you!

    1. I have the JUNE cup from the at cost sale! I love it. I’m not sure if I have a high cervix or not since I switched over from pads but I can say that after the slight learning curve (with cups in general), it was really easy to use. I only had one small leak but that was because I didn’t let it open all the way and my silly butt thought I could get away with it. The ridges and the stem help me ensure that it’s in correctly. They have multiple sizes as well to accommodate different vaginal anatomy!

    2. The June cup “deal” where they’re claiming it’s on sale because of covid is a lie. The June cup has never been sold for the $39 “regular price” they claim it was, and I’ve heard from multiple people who’ve used other cups and then tried it that it feels very low quality. They’re not FDA approved, I honestly wouldn’t risk it.

  63. Hi, I need help finding the right cup. I’m currently using Lily cup compact (small). But I always leak when I use it. So I researched about it and I believe I have a high cervix. So what cup do you recommend for a high cervix? Please let me know!

  64. Hello,

    I have a problem with my menstrual cup leaking. The first menstrual cup I tried was Lily cup the bigger size, which was way to soft for me and it leaked a lot. Then I bough the Yuuki cup the bigger size and the firmness was great, but because I have a very heavy flow the capacity was still not big enough. Now I decided to try the Merula XL, but it starts leaking after it’s half full. The capacity would be perfect for me, but it starts leaking mostly after I sit or I’m in a half seated-half laying down position. Could it be leaking, because it is not firm enough? My cervix is very high. Thanks for your help 🙂

  65. Hi! I understand you don’t list info for certain brands, but I started with Rebel Kate to see how I liked using a cup before spending a lot of money. I tried the larger one first and found it uncomfortable (like pressure near vaginal opening and the nub bothered me) so I switched to the smaller size. I’ve been using it for several months and it’s more comfortable, but I find it occasionally leaks even when not full and doesn’t stay up near my cervix. I cut the nub shorter to avoid feeling it. I recently decided to try the larger size again and it seems better now that I’m more comfortable using a cup in general.

    I want to find the best cup for me, but without any info relating to size, firmness and capacity for the Rebel Kate cups, I don’t even know where to start since I have nothing else to compare it to. I’ve looked everywhere and since the RK site is gone, I cannot find any info. Obviously, I could measure it, but that still doesn’t tell me capacity or how it rates on your firmness scale. 🙁

    Can you please provide info regarding RK cups so I can make an informed decision what my next cup will be?

    Thank you ♥️
    ~44yo mom of one with very heavy flow~

  66. Does anyone know how long Organicup is supposed to last? It seems like other cups tell a number of years that they can be used, but I can’t seem to find that information for Organicup. Maybe an Organicup user has information on this (and maybe as a bonus, some words on if it was a good choice for you or not)? Thanks in advance. It would be my first experience with using a menstrual cup.

  67. Hi! I’m sixteen and would really like to try a menstrual cup! I’ve been researching a lot but still don’t know which cup to get that isn’t really expensive. I have an average cervix (2.25″) and I use regular tampons for 6 hours. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!

  68. Hi, I know when you reviewed it you weren’t a fan of the Flex cup, but I would really like to know the firmness rating! I’m trying it for the first time and I’d like to compare the firmness to the Saalt and Saalt soft because I think this cup might be causing me bladder issues.

  69. Which, if any of these cups have measurement markings on them? I’m currently being evaluated for a bleeding disorder and I’ve heard that some cups have measurement markings which would be one of the most helpful things for me!

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