Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart

Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart

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BrandSizeRimDiameterShapeCapacity (Listed)MaterialReusable?MiscCoupon
FlexOS0.31″2.76″Round30 mlBPA Free PolymerNoMakes Softdisc
Lovin IncicloOS0.24″2.95″Ergonomic40 mlSiliconeYesDirectional Insert
Lumma UniqueS0.24″2.09″Round30 mlSiliconeYesHas Silicone String
Lumma UniqueM0.24″2.48″Round55 mlSiliconeYesHas Silicone String
Lumma UniqueL0.24″2.68″Round60 mlSiliconeYesHas Silicone String
MoonthliesSNA2.44″Ergonomic35 mlSiliconeYesHas Removal Tab
MoonthliesLNA2.79″Ergonomic55 mlSiliconeYesHas Removal Tab
NixitOS0.39″2.76″Round70 mlSiliconeYes 
SoftdiscOS0.31″2.76″Round30 mlBPA Free PolymerNoMade by Flex
ZiggyOS0.28″2.99″Ergonomic76 mlSiliconeYesDirectional Insert


Menstrual Disc Comparison Chart (Metric)

BrandSizeRimDiameterShapeCapacity (Listed)MaterialReusable?MiscCoupon
FlexOS8 mm70 mmRound30 mlBPA Free PolymerNoMakes Softdisc
Lovin IncicloOS6 mm75 mmErgonomic40 mlSiliconeYesDirectional Insert
Lumma UniqueS6 mm53 mmRound30 mlSiliconeYesHas Silicone String
Lumma UniqueM6 mm63 mmRound55 mlSiliconeYesHas Silicone String
Lumma UniqueL6 mm68 mmRound60 mlSiliconeYesHas Silicone String
MoonthliesSNA62 mmErgonomic35 mlSiliconeYesHas Removal Tab
MoonthliesLNA71 mmErgonomic55 mlSiliconeYesHas Removal Tab
NixitOS10 mm70 mmRound70 mlSiliconeYes 
SoftdiscOS8 mm70 mmRound30 mlBPA Free PolymerNoMade by Flex
ZiggyOS7 mm76 mmErgonomic76 mlSiliconeYesDirectional Insert

All current discs on the market are latex free. Capacity (with the exception of Flex and Softdisc) may be overstated by the brands, as this type of product compresses considerably in the vaginal canal. Please note that inclusion in this chart does not equal an endorsement.

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23 Responses

  1. Is there any way you could add the firmness of each disk and the price onto the chart? That is really what ive been looking for and i cant find it anywhere.

    1. I can’t speak to all the other brands, but I use Nixit and it is very very soft and flexible. It’s around $50 US and they will refund your money if you decide it’s not for you after 3 cycles which I thought was cool and made me feel more comfortable with giving it a shot. I tried it after being a cup user for years but having cup comfort problems after having a baby. I love Nixit, am definitely converted! It’s way more comfortable even than cups.

    1. I just got one and I’m assuming it would have to be cut off for period sex. Which is disappointing because I like the string.

  2. Alright so I am new to “alternative period products”. I did some reading and decided to try the flex disc. (I’m not too worried about blood if it’s truly a 12hr-ish wear) getting it in and in correct position- no problem. Getting it out -OMG I had to go to urgent care and they didnt even know what it was 🤦‍♀️ needles to say, it apparently suctioned to my cervix. Now, I feel 1 vagina emergency is enough to deal with for me. I did love my experience until time to get it out. I didn’t feel it and had no issues getting it in. With that being said- what are your thoughts on the lumma unique? Does the string help enough to prevent another disaster?

    1. Hi Hillary! I’m converting from Softdisc (very similar to the Flex disc) and decided to try Lumma Unique. I’d like to note that I didn’t have any issues with the Softdisc–it worked perfectly for me. Just wanted a reusable disc. The string on the Lumma Unique makes it much easier to remove than a disc without a string, although you do have to be gentle with it. However, I found the string extremely uncomfortable and had to cut it off. Personally I now find the stringless Lumma more difficult to remove than the Softdisc. Perhaps because it’s softer and the material is smoother, so it gets slipery for me. Also, I’m having leakage issues and not sure the placement is correct. I have the medium and large Lumma, and had the same issues with both sizes. This is only after one cycle trying to use them.. hopefully it will improve over the next few cycles. I hope that helps! 🙂

    2. I had the same problem 7 years ago, and almost ended up in the emergency room as well trying to get another cup with a smaller peg out. I got it out on my own but the next period I had was the worst I’ve ever felt pain wise. So, didn’t try again until this month. I ordered the flex cup with the little string. I can attest that it comes out easily now! However, apparently I have a very skinny canal and even the smallest flex cup is too painful to insert. I came on the forum to see any tips about inserting it better cuz I’m about to give up. Not really worth the pain when tampons work for me – but wanted to love the environment friendly kind!

  3. I’m new to the all of this and I have tried the saalt cups regular and small and I have a problem of them sticking out. I have a very low cervix so I thought I would try the soft disc. But it is leaking. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. How do you know if the disc is the right size or if it should be smaller. Or know it is in place correctly

  4. I have ziggy cup and to be honest in the beginning it was not so easy to get used to it after years and years of using pads. But I was patient and determined to switch to cups for many reasons. And now I can’t imagine how I ever used pads at all. And Ziggy cup works for me great.

  5. Okay so…I’m 18 and just started using a menstrual disk. I’m using the soft disc. For my first cycle with it I couldn’t get it to stay in correctly which I knew would happen. My second cycle (last month) it was amazing. It worked when I found a new way to put it in. And now with this pandemic and me might not being able to go to a store. I want to try and get a reusable one. My problem is I don’t know where to even start. I’ve heard of one but I don’t remember the name. Cups aren’t an option it hurts to much to wear one for even an hour because my canal is so small. I’m just trying to find one that will work.

  6. Ive just ordered a small and a med lumma. Its buy 1 get one free right now. Ive tried the soft disk and the only time i could get it all the way in my pubic bone skil swelled around it and i couldnt remove it for a while. So im hoping the lumama is softer and better. The softcup was just so big and hard. Ive also got a cervix that seems to be laying sideways. We shall see 🙂

    1. How was your experience with the Lumma? I had issues with SoftDisc as well because it’s so stiff and large. I actually have the opposite problem as you, where I can’t get it to stay in, it seems it keeps coming out because it’s too big. I’m also thinking to get the small or medium because I feel like Softdisc is too big

  7. I just tried a saalt cup and had a very negative reaction, does anyone know if this was because of the suction? If it was I want to try a disc but I don’t want to buy one if it isn’t.

    1. Well you haven’t described your “reaction” so nobody can help answer your question. Can you give more information?

  8. Does anyone else get cramps with both cups and discs? I’ve used the diva cup, the small meluna, and now the small lumma disc and I get cramps with them all. I’m thinking about trying the nixit because it’s supposed to be softer. What do you think? Any advice?

  9. Hi,
    I would like to know about minor prolapse bladder. Since I have birth (3 kids, 1 with forceps), my bladder is lower and I have a wide cervix. I actually wear a pessaire Wich is 75mm diameter. I also have a very heavy flow.

    So far, I’ve tried the divs cup size 2. It’s perfect at night, but when I stand up or sit, my bladder pushes it down and the cup move and hurt me. It can actually get half out! So, it’s a no for the day.

    I tried the Ziggy intimina disc. It’s a big no.
    Even when I put it properly, Wich is difficult, it leaks. It’s like it’s not even there. I did bring it to my uro-physiotherapeute and she checked to make sure it was properly placed. I tired 2 months and it’s a complete fail.

    The only thing working for me for the moment are tampons during the day with thinx underwear and diva cup at night. I’m hoping to find a solution that would work all the time to avoid tampons.

    It would be interesting to have the reviews of someone with a prolapse bladder for every product.

    Thank you

  10. I have a high cervix and have used the Lumma large for 2 cycles. I’ve had some leakage issues when it gets too full but liked the “auto-dumping” ability for quicker bathroom trips.
    One downside is unlike using my cup (Lily S) I feel an uncomfortable pressure in the back of my vagina and on my pubic bone with the large. I think downsizing would fix it but I’m not sure if I should go with the medium or large

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