Menstrual Cup Visual Comparison Tool

Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart at Put A Cup In ItOriginally part of our Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart, our updated visual comparison tool is designed to help you compare cups side-by side without having to have both in hand. This tool is now its own resource to help the chart load faster, as this is incredibly image heavy, and to help highlight that this tool is available! Being hidden down below the full chart makes it a bit tucked away.

How to Use The Menstrual Cup Visual Comparison Tool

  • Cups are listed alphabetically
  • Line up the bottoms of the cups as well as the lines (where it says ————PUTACUPINIT.COM————) to best see how two cups compare
  • Each of these cups are photographed and scaled to a control to be as accurate as possible in relation to each other
  • This tool is best viewed on a tablet or computer. If using on a mobile device, turn that device on its side!
  • Need more help choosing a cup? Be sure to check out our FAQ & The Cup Quiz!

Looking for a cup not listed?

Brands that we do list, but that may go by another name on the visual tool, chart, or both (related post: brands we don’t list)

  • Look for Oi (Genial Day, TOTM, Masmi, SilverCare, Farmacomfort)
  • Look for UltuCup (Casco Cup, Hesta, Green Cup of Maine, Wā Collective, Lincup, LifeCup, Halo)
  • Look for Si-Bell (Clari Cup, Soch)
  • Look for MeLuna (Silja)

For more information on brands we don’t list (knock-offs, mass produced private labels, unclear safety, lack of FDA clearance, etc.), please read our post on these types of cups and brands.


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